Personalise your DIY Garden - kids craft activity

Before constructing your DIY Garden it's a fun chance to give it some colour and personality and paint it up with any decorations you want! Use test pots from Dulux or Resene to get good quality paint in the colours you want and make your mark!

Customise your classroom's own garden.

Some other great ideas

The Caterpillar garden. This would be easy to customise from your DIY Garden by having at least three made up, painting it green, and adding on the face and dots!

Get inspiration here and paint some butterflies you can stick to the sides of your DIY Garden.

This one is super simple and effective. Simply paint your DIY Garden sides red, add some black dots and voila! The stakes painted in rainbow colours also adds to the fun.

This garden is a sensory wonderland. Colourful garden boxes are mixed with outdoor musical instruments, wild flowers and things at all different heights. Let creativity lead the way as you embark on your garden adventure.

Hands up who likes to keep it simple?! This may take the cake. Use primary colours to paint your sides then add old vinyl records for wheels and you've got yourself a train garden. Plus you're recycling. Win win. Would love to see what you do with your DIY Garden!